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Hair Extentions 

If you are looking for hair extensions in Marbella, look no further. here at hair and makeup Marbella it is one of our fortes. Hair and make up Marbella offer a wide range of hair extentions.
Natalie, our founder, has over 9 years experience and always keeps up to date with new courses and new methods.
Here in Marbella, hair extenions are very popular, but it’s always something you shouldn’t over look when it comes to having the correct method and hair extentions that suit your natural hair and your lifestyle. 
Here I am going to explain a little bit about what methods we offer and why we offer these methods. 
Firstly we offer a vast range of hair extentions, the reason we do that, is we don’t believe that all hair Extentions are right for certain types of hair.
We take pride in our work and we care a lot about the after care of our clients hair and making sure the method we used is correct and they are looked after properly.  

Braided Wefts 

This hair Extentions is applied with a small corn row braid that’s fixed on to the scalp using synthetic hair , the reason I use synthetic hair is to one bulk out the braid so it’s not pulling on your own natural hair.
Our human hair wefts will be sewn directly to your braided hair creating seamless, natural results.

LA Weft 

These hair Extentions are similar to the braided weft. But the method is different. We use micro rings and weaving wool to secure instead of the braiding, this is again for different hair types. it’s just as natural and seamless as the braided weft but aimed at a different sort of hair type.  
Natalie does all sorts of weaving methods as she doesn’t believe in just one. 

Micro ring track. 

This hair Extention is again similar to the LA weave but this method just use the rings and secure across under and above the hair. No weaving wool. 

Waterfall weft. 

This hair Extention is the newest method. 
It’s applied and Secured again with micro links across your natural hair in a waterfall method, and the Extention is applied and woven underneath the hair for minimum visibility.

Micro-Ring Extensions.

This Extention is for a more long-term solution 
There is no heat or glue needed ,
A micro loop extension is applied to your own hair at the root and the micro-rings hold the extension securely in place.

Great lengths 

Great lenghts is an award winning hair Extention And is one of my most popular method in all my Extentions. 
Hair extensions you can not feel? 
Yes great lenghts is the one you have been looking for 100% perfect Quality Indian light weight hair invisible bonding and perfect to style.  Suitable for all hair types.  

GL tapes 

Great lenghts tapes , easy solution to lengthen and thicken your hair such a quick appilcation method , the strands sit perfectly and fit easily. 
It holds securely, but is also easy to remove can add thickens or lenght using single tapes or double for extra thickness. 

Free Consultation 

All our Extentions are priced on consultation, our consultation are free , this way we get to see your hair discuss what hair method is best for you, your hair type and lifestyle. 
we offer a range of colours and lenghts in all our Extentions.
The hair we use is 100% human double drawn hair we offer a range of different types of hair 

Indian / Russian and European hair… 

Available in a variety of colours and lenghts
All hair Extenions we use is to either thicken lengthen or add volume to your own existing hair, or even add colour. 
Hair extensions are typically made from two types of hair which are synthetic hair and human hair.
The difference between the two types of hair is that synthetic hair is coated in silicone so it has a natural glossy hair look but unfortunately, this does not last forever an it does eventually wear away where as the natural hair stays looking healthy if looked after properly.
Sadly, these extensions can not have any dying products on them because of the harsh chemicals and also, they can not be styled using any heat and they will burn.
The benefit of getting these extensions is that they are less expensive than extensions that are entirely made of human hair, however, synthetic hair only lasts up to 3 months depending on how well you take care of it so it might not be ideal for people who like to wear their extensions a lot.
The micro link hair extension also known as the loop hair extension is when the extension is put on by looping the extensions through the customers natural hair and then using pliers, you clamp the extension to the hair. The only frustrating thing about these extensions is that they can move up and down occasionally which can be very annoying for some people however, some people don’t mind it.
The major concern about these extensions is that it can lead to breakage of your natural hair which isn’t ideal for people that want to make sure their natural hair is healthy.
Weave hair extensions are applied by braiding the hair in sections in a corn row and then the extension is speed into the corn row using a needle and thread. This is typically suitable for people who have thick hair as it takes a lot of hair to hide the extensions. Weave hair extensions are applied by braiding the hair in sections in a corn row and then the extension is speed into the corn row using a needle and thread. This is typically suitable for people who have thick hair as it takes a lot of hair to hide the extensions.
The semi permanent tape hair extensions are very easy to apply, you have to section the hair and sandwich the natural hair between the extensions and stick it together using the tape which is already on the hair extension. Once these are installed, they should last up to 8-12 weeks depending on how well looked after they are. Please get in touch if your looking for hair extensions in Marbella… Please feel free to visit our facebook and instagram pages.
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